Our prices are in line with our clients’ needs. We offer flexible and individual approach towards each and every of our partners:

  • We operate on the grounds of monthly subscription fees;
  • The prices are to be agreed and defined depending on the quantity of documents to be processed, insureds number, registration or absence of such registration under the Value Added Tax Act. The number of documents includes all incoming and outgoing accounting documents such as invoices, debit and credit notes, as well as advance statements, bank documents, road sheets etc. ;
  • Discounts when providing more than one company to be serviced;
  • In the case of one-time accounting services, the prices are to be agreed individually, on a case by case basis, depending on the time necessary to render the particular service.


Minimum fees for subscription accounting services and salaries’ processing:


Client type

Sole traders

Legal entities

Companies not registered under the Value Added Tax Act minimal price

110 BGN

110 BGN

Companies registered under the Value Added Tax Act minimal price

180 BGN

180 BGN


Minimum fees of subscription service for processing salaries only:


Personnel number


5 people

100 BGN

5-10 people

180 BGN